The best shore cable magament system

Shore Reel the best product in the market.

The problem

Most Boat user carry their cables rolled on hands or stored in bags. With larger cables you can not easily store them neatly.

Charging often happens outside @ the dock, where the cable can get wet or dirty from lying on the ground. As a result, your hands and clothes get dirty when handling the cable after usage.

Once charging/using is complete, the cable needs to be stored, where it takes up unnecessary space and slides around while sailing. As a result of such handling the cable often gets twisted and tangled and the trunk of the boat gets dirty. With the upcoming electric boats this problem get even more out of hand as storage space is very precious.

The solution


The SHORE Reel is designed to handle the cable only by the plugs during the process of connecting and disconnecting the boat to and from the charging station.


dirty hands and clothes are no longer an issue. Using the SHORE Reel prevents the cable from getting twisted and tangled, and using the power station the cable can be conveniently stored, preventing it from sliding around on the boat and leaving dirt behind.

**Available from premium ressellers only.

Dimension: LxWxH: 337x177x338mm

The premium storage solution in the market.